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Resource Management International (RMI) is a Civil/Municipal Engineering Consulting Firm with offices in Lashburn and Yorkton, SK. We offer full project management services for Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Projects.  Our services include small to large scale projects that include designs for road construction, drainage, landfill and lagoon, bridges, Environmental Phase I, II, III assessments, GPS/drone surveys.


RMI also provides full materials testing such as soils testing, aggregate testing, asphalt mix design and asphalt testing, and concrete testing.  Our soils, aggregate, asphalt, and concrete labs are fully CCIL certified. We provide our services all over Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. 

We are honoured to support community.

Giving back to the community is something special for us all at RMII. We are honoured to support the Northwest School Division I Cann games, Bike for Breakfast, Lloydminster Minor Hockey and events at the Lashburn Town and Country Golf Club.

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Our Featured Projects


Resource Management International (RMII) is a Civil Engineering Consulting Firm that specializes in Project Managment, Engineering Design, Quality Control of Major Projects. RMI conducts Quality Control/Quality Assurance testing of many Hot Mix Asphalt Paving projects. We are capable in producing asphalt mix designs.  We have Nuclear Density testing machines and Non-nuclear density machines such as Pavement Quality Indicators for quality control on asphalt pavements.  Portable labs are at our disposal for on-site testing of asphalt and aggregate materials.

Resource Management has been working with Warm Mix Asphalts instead of the conventional asphalts used in Hot Mix Asphalt paving. This reduces the amount of heat required in paving, thus reducing the energy requirement for Contractors, harmful greenhouse gases and overall cost of the project.  The use of Warm Mix asphalts also allows paving in colder temperatures.

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Resource Management produces Designs, Quality Control/Quality Assurance testing and management of many soil stabilization projects. We supply the proper cement/fly ash materials for projects on request. All soil testing is done to ensure proper amounts are mixed for the soil conditions. This is all done on an ongoing basis so that changes can be made in the field in regards to application rates.

We pride ourselves in this field and have many successes dealing with heavily loaded sections of roadway in the northwest area of Saskatchewan where heavy crude oil is transported by truck to refineries, rail transfer facilities and batteries. We have worked with both contractor and municipal governments in doing this type of work.

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Altex's Lashburn Transload Terminal transfers of heavy crude from oil field trucks to Railway Tank Cars.  Resource Management was involved in Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III of the design and construction of the facility.  This included design for the Subgrade Preparation to meet the loading of the rail cars and heavy oil truck traffic, design of the tracks and spacing requirements.  During construction Resource Management was responsible for the Design, Construction Management and Quality Control for the site.



Resource Management was involved with the design and construction management of all aspects of the subgrade work for the Altex Transloading Terminal in Unity, Saskatchewan. Resource Management was retained by Altex Energy Ltd. as the primary engineering consultant for the earth work construction.

The project consisted of stabilizing the ground to support the load of the facility and servicing the staging pad with asphalt. High ground water levels were encountered within the area. Resource Management provided mitigation strategies to successfully stabilize the ground.


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How can we help?


Box 248

Lashburn, SK, S0M 1H0

Tel: 306-285-2435

Fax: 306-285-2436


132 York Road East
Yorkton, SK.

Yorkton Office: 1-306-744-7654 (Brian)

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