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Image by Kento Hirasue
  • Planning, Design, Construction Management

  • Quality Control of Roadways

  • Soil Cement Stabilized Structures Design

  • Lab Testing

  • Asphalt Mix Designs and Testing

  • Roadway Analysis and Remediation and Maintenance Plans

Septic Tanks System Installing
  • Water and Sewer Systems Treatment and Disposal Design

  • Water and Sewer Infrastructure studies

  • Land Drainage and Storm Water Design and Management

  • Urban and Rural Subdivision Planning and Land Development

Land Mining
  • Phase I, II, III Environmental Site Assessments

  • Environmental Assessments with remediation, monitoring and decommissioning plans

  • Landfill and Sewage Lagoon Assessments and Design

Black Soil
  • Soil Testing Site Investigations

  • Drilling, Sampling and Lab Testing

  • Installation of Site Monitoring Systems

Road Constuction
Surveying and Field Services
  • Topographical Site Surveys

  • GPS and Total Station Equipment

  • Drone Surveying

  • Road Slope Staking and Construction Surveying and Staking

  • Nuclear Density Testing and Non Destructive Strength Testing

Hands in the Soil
Materials Testing
  • Aggregate testing 

  • Soil testing

  • Asphalt testing 

  • Concrete testing 

Empty Road
Innovative Technologies
  • Gaining Roadway Strength without the use of aggregates

  • Alternative Designs specific to each set of environmental conditions

  • Innovative Drainage Designs

  • Innovative Dust Treatments

  • Most Economical Road Surfacing

  • Green Road Structures and Treatments

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