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About RMI

Resource Management International is a Saskatchewan based Civil Engineering Consulting Firm based in Lashburn, SK near Lloydminster. We provide our services to anywhere on the Prairies. We offer full project management services for Civil and Environmental Engineering Projects. 

Our services include preliminary site assessments from the design phases to Construction Management and Quality Control.  We prepare detailed designs and drawings along with contractual items of the project. Our diverse staff offers over 35 years of experience in their respected fields of expertise to protect the environment, satisfy regulatory requirements, benefit our clients, and support local communities.

We have assembled a team that brings in-depth knowledge and experience completing Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s) for various land uses in Saskatchewan and Alberta.


Our Team


Steven Gehlen, P. Eng.

Civil Environmental Engineer
Steven has 15 years of experience in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has designed environmental projects such as lagoons and landfills and structural designs of roadway projects.  He has designed and managed large commercial installations engineering facilities for the transloading of oil from trucks to rail cars for transportation.  Steven is skilled at making decisions in the design phase as well as in the construction phases of projects.


Tom Gehlen P. Eng.

Partner - Civil Engineer

Tom has over 47 years of Design and Construction Management of all Civil and Municipal Engineering.   He has extensive high level management experience and has exemplary knowledge of government processes and procedures. 

Tom spent 1 year with CP Rail, 24 years with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and 3 years with SaskWater and the remainder of his career running RMI. He takes a methodical and reasonable risk/reward approach to design and construction. Tom has designed and built more than 300 km of heavy haul and commercial sites (rail transload sites) using Soil Strengthened design with Cement and Fly Ash.


Brian Louttit

Civil Technologist
Senior Lab Technician
CCIL Certified Materials Technician

Graduating from SIAST in 2009, Brian has 13 years of experience as a Civil Technologist. He has worked on a variety of projects helping contractors achieve desirable results using construction materials such as concrete, soils and asphalt. Brian is CCIL certified in Concrete, Soils and Asphalt and has received a PIC Inspectors certificate by the Asphalt Institute.  Materials testing is his strong suit but he also has experience surveying and is a strong team player. We are glad to welcome him aboard. 


Bradford Li Pi Shan, P. Eng.

Civil Environmental Engineer
Bradford has over 20 years experience in the Civil Engineering field.  He has all the necessary experience from the preliminary design to on site construction and quality control for projects.  He has designed structural designs and earthwork structures for many roadways.  Bradford has experience with applying new innovative technology to design construction and remediation plans.


 Catlin Poirier, A. Sc. T

LEAD Project Design

Catlin has over 8 years of experience working on environmental and municipal projects. Catlin has gained experience utilizing drones to conduct aerial surveys. He is also experience using 3D Design software’s such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, Infraworks, Pix4D and Leica Infinity. Catlin performs 2D and 3D modelling analysis for a variety of engineering projects, including roadway design, subdivision design, drainage plans, and channel design.


Mike Williamson

Project Manager
Mike has over 34 years of experience working on civil and municipal projects. Mike has gained valuable experience within the civil engineering industry as a highly skilled worker in the field. He is comfortable working on different types of equipment and brings valuable resources to the design team. 

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Cimberly Kneller McMullen, P. Ag.

Civil Environmental Engineer
Cimberly holds a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Sk. Cimberly is a Professional Agrologist (PAg) who specializes in contaminated site assessments, remediation and reclamation. Cimberly has 13 years experience and is licensed to practice in Alberta and Saskatchewan. She has successfully completed numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s), Phase II ESAs, site remediation and reclamation in Saskatchewan, Alberta and on Federal Lands. She possesses strong skills and experience in Project Management and field supervision.Cimberly has practical experience with a broad range of environmental issues and contaminants including agricultural chemicals, petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, PCB’s, asbestos, etc. She has completed numerous site assessments for a variety of upstream and downstream oil and gas,commercial, industrial, and agricultural enterprises. Cimberly also has extensive experience in spill response, site assessment, remediation, reclamation, forensic agrology and groundwater monitoring. She joined the RMI team as the Environmental Manager in 2012 and also oversees the company Safety Program. She is a certified COR safety auditor in Saskatchewan and Alberta and has extensive experience with Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations, and Code.


Chelsea Smith

Chelsea has over 20 years experience with Financial Management and Supervision. She has worked in the Oil and Gas sector and in fabrication where she supervised employees, managed finances, and reports. Chelsea reflects Resource Managements Intl. Inc’s values and culture while being the friendly voice of our company. She has taken her desire to learn into the civil lab and onto the construction site to continue expanding her knowledge and understanding of company services within the engineering industry.


Lu Zhang, P. Eng.

Civil Engineer
Lu is a professional Civil Engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Concordia University. Lu joined RMI in 2022 with 8 years of experience in construction
survey, construction inspection and material testing. Lu is CCIL certified for Aggregate, Asphalt and Concrete testing, and has the PIC Asphalt Inspectors certification. Since
joining RMI, Lu has learned asphalt mix design and taken on project management roles, while continuing to learn and enhance his skills to help RMI lead the way in the local
engineering industry.


Bob Lyons

Senior Lab Manager

Bob has 51 years’ experience working in the Civil and Transportation Field.  He has worked with surveying, soils testing and inspections, including nuclear densities, asphalt testing and inspections both on road and at asphalt plants, maintenance cold mix piles, sand seal jobs, slurry seal jobs and base jobs. His experience with gravel includes surveying, inspecting test holes and drafting gravel pit plans and providing general field supervision.  Bob’s work at Resource Management International Inc. includes: lab testing on soils, Asphalt Mix designs, and does Project Management on Subgrade strengthening, Sand seal, Base Course strengthening and paving jobs. 


Hua (Jessica) Fu

Engineer in Training

Jessica earned a Bachelor'ss Degree in Building Engineering from Concordia University. Jessica has 4 years experience in the engineering industry, specifically in construction quality control, laboratory management, and safety program leadership. Jessica has
CCIL Concrete and Aggregate Certification, PIC Asphalt Inspectors Certification, and SECOR Certification. Jessica joined RMI in 2022 and has since gained more
experience in road design and project management, while looking forward to broadening her skills and knowledge in the field to help aid our team wherever she is

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